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Oak Island Milford

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We took off work early last week and headed south driving through the heat of Nebraska to get to our destination before dark. Didn't think it could get any hotter then the cornhusker state but boy were we wrong. The wheat state (Kansas) seemed to be about 15 degrees hotter and with a steady 20 mph wind with gusts reaching easily 35 mph at times we wondered what we had gotten ourselves into. Common sense seemed to say we should have stayed put and fished some of these places right in our own back yard but since there was more to this trip than just fising we pressed on.  The wheat state is in a drought there's no getting around it.  Didn't have a current fishing license for the state so checked to see what was required to fish legally in the state.

Arrived a little before 6 that night, stopped at one of the local watering holes for something to eat and drink.  Food was good, beer tasted even better after the long drive (can't imagine life before air-conditioning) and checked into our room. More to follow. 


Got up early the next morning, slept surprisingly well considering all the traffic that past by during the night. Older guys got to pee more than the younger counterparts but they said they never heard me. Ah to be able to sleep thru the night. Wanted to hit Bass Pro Shop but was vetoed by the younger crowd who was ready to get pout on the water. The wind was not near as bad as the day before but you could tell it was going to get hot and that we might want a bit of wind before the day was done. 


Got to our fishing spot one that had been scouted out by a friend who new this particular lake like the back of her hand and settled in for a nice couple of hours of fishing. We knew that by before noon it was going to be very hot especially if the wind hadn't picked up at all so we were anxious to get our lines in the water and get going. 


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